Thursday, November 19, 2015

Busking with Homer at St James

Dear Rector,

Allow me to inform you and your congregation that on the forthcoming Sunday, November 22, I intend to busk in front of St James before the Sunday Service, from 9:45 to 10:00, reading Homer’s Iliad in Ancient Greek.

I take recourse to busking because my only income is a State Pension of £26.95 a week; all my appeals to the Pension Service to revise the debt of £11.956.70, deduced from my benefits since 2009, have been in vain (see ‘An urgent request addressed to the Pension Service,’ ‘It is all wrong – a letter to the Pension Service’ and ‘It has nothing to do with Oxford University’ posted on my blog on June 10, 15 and 19 respectively).

I came to Oxford in 1980 at the invitation of the Master of Balliol. Ever since then I have devoted all my energy to the study of the Ancient Greeks, Plato and Aristotle in particular, informing academics at Oxford University of my progress, as can be seen on my website My work deserves at least a living wage, and I shall go on busking until I receive it.

A considerable part of my work consists in recording Ancient Greek texts read in the original. An integral part of this work is my listening to the recordings. I am 76, my hearing is deteriorating. If I succeed in getting any money thanks to busking, the first thing I buy will be a hearing aid.

‘Velvet blues’ put on my blog on November 17 bring my ‘busking with Homer’ into a broader context. This is why I am sending it to you in the Attachment.


Julius Tomin

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