Monday, November 9, 2015

A request addressed to Oxford University classicists and philosophers

Dear All,

Allow me to inform you that I have put on my website the 14th Book of Homer’s Iliad, read in the original. An integral part of my recording Homer is my listening to the recordings. I am 76 years old, my hearing is deteriorating and I need a hearing aid. I looked on Google, the prices on Hearing Direct vary from £169 - £599. My only income is a State Pension of £26.95 a week (see ‘It is all wrong- a letter to the Pension Service’ and ‘It has nothing to do with Oxford University’ posted on my blog on June 15 and 19 respectively). I asked OXFAM for help, but they can’t assist me, for their policy does not allow for loans or grants to individuals. Would you suggest to me a charitable foundation to which I could apply with some hope of success? If you know of any such foundation, would you support my request?

I addressed this request to Balliol academics on October 31, after putting the 13th Book of the Iliad on my website, but I received no answer.

I hope to be hearing from you soon.
Julius Tomin

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