Friday, March 25, 2016

A letter to the Pension Service

Dear Pension Service,

My wife is divorcing me and we have separate bank accounts. My bank account at Lloyds bank, sorting code: 30 97 81, the account number: 29319468.

My address remains the same. With my £28.03 a week State Pension I cannot allow myself to rent a private accommodation. My wife does her best to get me an accommodation in the vicinity – within the range of an easy cycle ride, so that I could visit my children and my children could easily visit me. How long will it take before I can leave 74 Everlands? A week, a month, a year, several years?

In November or December 2015 I received pension from the Czech Republic; it was a back payment for the last five years. If I remember it well, it was £7.200. If I count it correctly, it means a yearly pension of £1.440, which means a weekly pension of slightly less than £28. You are more generous: my State Pension Minus Adjustment of £13.00 is £28.03 a week.

I have appealed to the Master of Balliol at Oxford University concerning the Adjustment. I am sending you a copy of my Appeal.


Julius Tomin

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